While Microsoft has thrown plenty of “iPad vs Surface” ads in the past few months, the latest ad for Windows 8 courtesy of Lenovo is actually somewhat – educational.

The ad shows a classroom full of students all eagerly following the lecturer using their iPads. One student in particular is using the Lenovo Yoga, the laptop capable of posing in a number of precarious positions. Things seem fine and dandy until the lecturer asks the class to go through the chapters AND make notes at the same time. Multi-tasking on an iPad? THE MIND BOGGLES.

So naturally half the class clambers to get kickstands for their iPads or notebooks to write in, while our clever student simply bends her Yoga into a traditional laptop setup. And of course, thanks to Windows 8 she can view the chapter on the left pane while making notes and emailing on the right.

The ad actually raises a very good point – multitasking on an iPad can be a bit of a chore, and Windows 8′s ability to view apps side-by-side does have some some unique benefits.

Check out the advert below, and if you’re heading back to school or college, let us know what tablet or device you just have to have with you in class!


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