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Google App Store hiding crash prone apps

Stable apps get an uprank as well

Google App Store Hiding Crash Prone Apps

The Google Play Store is loaded with over two million apps, and more than often you do tend to find apps that crash more than it loads. Well, not anymore, as Google is quietly working on it.

Google is now implementing a new system that lends visibility to higher-quality apps on its digital marketplace, reports TechCrunch. This new algorithm for the Play Store  will now rank more stable, secure, and optimized apps higher than apps prone to crashes, security issues or technical glitches.

Google hasnt specified on the details for this new system. However, the company might be considering multiple factors such as reviews, reported crashes and the rate certain apps are uninstalled to help cull apps it deems unworthy.

Google's reason behind this step is two fold. Firstly, it will give better made app developers incentive to provide quality assurance for their products, resulting in users enjoying higher-quality apps. Secondly, it will also get rid of fad apps that have one-star reviews pop up, making the Play Store's app discovery features — and by extension, the Play Store itself — look substandard.

The whole algorithm might take some time to get into effect, but it is a good step. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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