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Google brings updated keyboard app to Android

And now its called the Gboard

Google Brings Updated Keyboard App To Android

A few months back Google launched an updated and renamed Google keyboard app for iOS, and now the app has finally come around to Google's own Android devices.

Now called Gboard, the keyboard app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for no charge. However, those running stock Android devices like the Pixel or Nexus series should already have it. The keyboard also brings in new features which include a revamped user interface which provides easier access to emojis and an integrated Google search as well. Google showcases this by giving an example where you try to text someone an address, which you can get instantly on Gboard instead of having to search somewhere else.

The Gboard will also include GIFs and emojis to save time scrolling, and also provides better multilingual support as well as improved AI smarts to get autocorrect options finally right. The keyboard will also have support for Glide Typing and even voice input as well.


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