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Google Chromebooks might soon be able to send and receive text messages

Something similar Apple Messages maybe?

Google Chromebooks Might Soon Be Able To Send And Receive Text Messages

The iPhone and MacBook both can send and receive text messages, which is one of the best features of owning said devices. However, it seems Google might jump on that bandwagon as well.

According to Chrome Unboxed, a new SMS connect feature might be coming to Chromebooks. The new development was first seen by a tipster who forwarded a screenshot of the Samsung Chromebook Plus’ options menu. Apart from being on the options menu, turning on SMS Connect does not do anything for now. To even get it to show up, Chrome Unboxed had to dive into the Chrome OS’ config files and ‘enable multidevice features.”

As for now, its seems that this might just be a placeholder. However with Google Assistant set to come to Chromebooks, there is a chance both platforms will become connected like Apple's MacOS and iOS.


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