For a website like YouTube, its key that it loads pages immediately if not only the videos. While YouTube has remained pretty speedy at least in terms of generating search results, Google has gone ahead and has given it a little bit of boost regardless.

Google is rolling out its WebP image format to YouTube, the same format used in the Android Play Store. The switch, according to Google, has resulted in 10 percent faster page-loads, and overall shaved off tens of terabytes of its internal data transfer rates. The lightweight image format could also help users save on bandwidth data.

The speed boost will probably only be noticeable to low-bandwidth users who can feel the effect of a 10 percent performance bump. If you are on a generous Internet line, don’t hope to see any major changes whatsoever. Still, if it means getting us to cat videos quicker, I think Google is on the correct path. God speed, Google.

Via, Engadget.

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