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Google might announce standalone VR headset at Google I/O 2017

We might see Google's own take on VR headsets

Google Might Announce Standalone Vr Headset

Last year at Google I/O, Google announced the Daydream, making its first step into the world of VR. However, this year, Google is set to announce a new headset altogether. 

While the Daydream headset was similar to the Samsung Gear VR in a way that it required a phone, Google's new headset will be completely standalone and wont require a phone. We dont know for sure what software this headset will run on, but it seems like Android is the best option since Google already has VR components in the Android platform. Google might also incorporate tracking technology thanks to its Project Tango.

However, the most important feature of this headset will be its inside out tracking. This means that the headset will be aware of your location in space without any external hardware, so setup is vastly easier. This is something that other VR firms such as HTC and Oculus are trying to sort out.

These are just rumors for now, however, if Google does actually announce the headset, dont be surprised if it is not available immediately. Are you looking forward to Google's VR headset? Let us know in the comments below.


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