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Google might integrate ad-blocking into Chrome

Ad revenue monopoly or massive web browsing clean up?

Google Might Integrate Ad Blocking Into Chrome

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is reportedly planning on integrating its own ad-blocker right into the Chrome browser. 

This move could result in creating shockwaves across online advertising agencies, but surprisingly, Google itself makes a lot of money through ad-revenue. With more than half of the Internet users in US using Chrome as their default browser, this move could also result in Google creating a monopoly on online ads, out of which only Google ads will be acceptable.

Thats the worst case scenario. On the brighter side, this step could be an attempt to try and tame web ads. The search giant could use its position of power to impose  standards on the kinds of ads that are allowed through its blocker. This could be based on specific metrics, such as performance or intrusiveness. 

There are also rumors if Google is deciding on whether its ad-blocker will block just instances of offending ads, or every ad that appears on an offending page. However, one thing is for sure,  unlike popular Chrome extensions like AdBlock, Google’s own ad-blocker will surely allow some ads to come through, as it’s clearly not in the interests of either advertisers or Google itself to block everything. If implemented correctly however, it could solve some of the issues that cause people to use third party ad-blockers in the first place.

If Google manages to ensure a relaxed and non intrusive browsing experience, where websites can  make money by selling ads without driving people mad, then everybody wins. Lets hope that's what Google is going for.


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