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Google moving beyond Android Auto with Volvo and Audi cars

Soon control your car with Android

Google Moving Beyond Android Auto With Volvo And Audi Cars

Google just partnered up with Volvo and Audi today as part of its efforts to bring Android OS to your car. This partnership also sets a new path for Android Auto.

The car makers will reportedly integrate the Android OS into their future models and will also include standard features like navigation and audio streaming. Apart from just that, Android will takeover the car's software entirely.

This will allow the OS to serve as a built-in connectivity solution and infotainment system, controlling functions such as air conditioning, the sunroof and windows while also navigating with Google Maps, tapping into apps, streaming Spotify, and soliciting Google Assistant. This means we can soon be asking the car questions like "OK Google, where's the nearest Thai restaurant?" 

Google might show off this new in-car Android system in preview form this week at Google IO 2017, with more details to be revealed then. Volvo revealed it will deliver the Android system in new cars in the next two years. Audi doesn't have a hard release date yet.


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