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Google Photos will automatically make a physical Photo Book

New update also improves sharing

Google Photos Will Automatically Make A Physical Photo Book

Any smartphone photographer must have the Google Photos app installed on their phones, mainly due to its unlimited cloud storage and smart image recognition features. However, a new announcement from Google tells us that there might be more features coming on the app.

At Google IO 2017, Google Photos is reportedly going to get a new update to its organizing capabilities. The main feature in this is Photo Books, which will let you make and order a physical album in minutes. This photo album will allow you to search by person, location or any other search parameter. The app’s machine learning capabilities will automatically pick what it considers the best snaps before sending them off to be printed in book for you.

You can tweak it the suggestions manually.  Photo Books will work alongside your Google account, so it’s already aware of your address and payment details, letting you order the book within seconds of the app making its suggestions.

Another new feature is Suggested Sharing, which will highlight great snaps using machine learning, suggesting which masterful images to share. It will also recognize the people in your photos and ask you to send the images to them as well. Google is also introducing a Shared Libraries function. You’ll be able to control which aspects of your personal library are available to your friends and family. It’s a more seamless sharing method than the “Shared Albums” function currently offered, though you might want to be careful on what images you have saved.

Meanwhile, Photo Books launch in the US today, and will expand to more countries soon. Pricing for the US launch sees paperback Photo Books priced at $9.99, and hardback versions costing $19.99. It'll be available on Android and iOS devices, as well as through Google Photo's browser build.


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