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Google reveals what you need to run Daydream

Google finally tells us what specs you need for the Google Daydream

Google Reveals What You Need To Run Daydream

Google recently announced four new phones that would support Daydream VR program, which is surprising because of the number of smartphones in the market. However, now we know why.

In a recent interview with VRHeads, Amit Sing VP of Business and Operations for Google VR, said that there are a number of things that a smartphone requires to run Daydream smoothly. “The combination of performance needs a few things in the stack. The right GPU, Android N and above, and OLED display. There are others, but you need that spec for high performance. If you don’t, your latency is high enough that you’ll notice it, and that immersion is broken and that’s not a good experience.”

This means that having high end components is not enough, but we need the right combination of specifications, for example it could have the right processor but if it doesn’t have the right display, it’s not going to work. This explains why the new Huawei Mate 9 isnt Daydream compatible, but the but the Mate 9 Pro and Porsche Mate 9 will be – though the Mate 9 is a high-end smartphone, it has a Full HD display while the Pro and Porsche models have more suitable Quad HD displays.

This makes Google Daydream View a pretty low cost VR headset, but it could be a long time before low-cost smartphones are able to use the Daydream technology. However, Singh also said that Google is actively working with smartphone manufacturers to see if specification requirements can be tuned and changed in a way that will allow the list of Daydream-supported devices grow at a faster rate. 


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