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Google shows the future of computer vision tech with Google Lens

Google Lens will soon be your best friend

Google Shows The Future Of Computer Vision Tech With Google Lens

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has just announced Google Lens, a new smart camera technology that will combine Google's machine learning with the camera.

Unveiled at Google IO 2017, Google Lens is capable of various tasks. This includes digitally removing a chain link fence, identifying plants, connecting to local Wi-Fi networks by snapping the routers SSID and password sticker and even bring up searches and reviews of restaurants and other business seen in the camera's viewfinder.

Google Lens will also sync with Google Photos which will provide more abilities after you take a picture, such as looking back at an image and then identifying it once you are back home. You can also use Google Lens to recognize a screenshot you took of a company's website on Google Photos, which can then pull out a phone number or address and have you getting in touch.

Google Lens support for Google Photos is said to roll out later this year.


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