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Google WiFi facing connectivity issues again

No permanent fix yet

Google Wi Fi Facing Connectivity Issues Again

Looks like Google is still facing connectivity issues on its Google Wifi router, as customers have been flooding Google's online product forums to complain about connection drops.

According to reports, the problem seems to be stemming from a router software update that was rolled out last month, with users reporting that after they install the update their router loses its connection and the status light turns a solid blue. Most users have used the same old method of turning their router on and off again, but while they’ve found that this restores their network connection, it drops out again after just a few hours. Even those who've tried a hard reset, and deleted all of their data, haven’t had any lasting joy.

Google has its Wifi Care Team looking into it, but has yet to find a “final fix” for the problem. Google has given two temporary fixes, which have worked for some, but not all customers. The first fix suggests setting up Google Wifi from scratch, using another user account, while the second suggests disconnecting all wirelessly connected Windows 10 and Xbox devices and connecting them via Ethernet instead.

This is the second problem Google Wifi has encountered in a matter of months as back in February an error in the Google Accounts engine resulted in a hard reset across Wifi and OnHub routers that forced users to set up their devices from scratch again.

Google still doesnt have a permanent fix for the issue yet, or a date on when to expect one, but luckily not all users seem to have the issue. 


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