Google is toying with the idea of a tool dubbed the “Google Workshop” that can allow users to create their own custom cases and live wallpapers for Nexus branded devices. Currently, only the Nexus 5 is supported.

The Google Workshop will hold two functions for custom cases and live wallpapers, dubbed MapMe and Moments. MapMe will implement your custom cases and live wallpapers with a map of your choice, and you can customize the look of the map with different colors and custom text. The live wallpaper will provide location specific tweets and weather with interactive touches.


Moments will allow you to create a custom cases and live wallpapers based on any of your personal, memorable photos along with adding filters to the images, custom texts and repositioning the image. This tool makes a Nexus device the perfect gift with custom cases and live wallpapers for someone dear to you. Official availability and pricing is yet to be announced.

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