The Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost here. The phone is expected to launch in the UAE on the 27th of April and Samsung invited us to a sneak peek of what is probably expected to be another blockbuster product last week. I managed to get my hands on the device for a few short minutes before the event started to show you the design and looks of the S4. Instead of going in a completely new direction, the Galaxy S4 is a refined S3 with a smaller size and lighter weight, yet featuring a bigger screen, a faster processor and a bigger battery.

One of the coolest functions of the Galaxy S4 is gesture recognition. Along with eye tracking, the Galaxy S4 gives us a glimpse of human interaction with phones is evolving. For example, the Galaxy S4 can scroll a web page by simply tracking your eyes. Or you can tilt the device for the same effect. Another interesting example of hovering is looking at thumbnails of the timeline your video without actually skipping to the video.

You also have a dual-shot camera that puts the front and back cameras at work at the same time. This helps when you want to shoot something from the camera while annotating it using the front camera. The back camera is capable of taking pictures at 13MP.

Watch out for the full review once the device lands in our office.

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