When the BlackBerry 10 OS first launched, it was heavily critiqued for not having some of the more popular mobile apps being made available. One of those apps was WhatsApp, which used to run perfectly on older BlackBerry devices, but was strangely absent on BlackBerry 10.

However yesterday things took a turn for the better, with WhatsApp being officially available as a native app in BlackBerry World. Of course, I promptly downloaded it as I was eager to see how the app would run on the new BlackBerry OS.

The result was less than encouraging. The app has a contact list that doesn’t actually let you view further details about your contacts, or actually start a chat with them (you have to do this separately via the Chats panel). There was also the little issue of not all my contacts showing up, despite me knowing that they used WhatsApp and being able to message them before. There’s also no notification section for WhatsApp in the Hub, so all you get are the default alerts that then ping you back into the app. Oh and like all first-version software, it decided to crash on me a few times just to irritate me some more.

Personally I think that WhatsApp was just rushed out onto BlackBerry 10, just to show that the OS has some pull with more popular app developers. Hopefully future updates will improve the overall stability of the app, but for WhatsApp users who were holding out on jumping to BlackBerry 10, you now have no excuse.


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