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Here is a look at the LG V30's new UI

Take a look at the stylush UX 6.0+

Here Is A Look At The Lg V30 New Ui

With the LG V30 flagship right around the corner, we expected rumors and leaks of the phone to be all around the place. However, LG has been sitting quiet about it, apart from its camera aperture. 

In a new post via the LG Newsroom,  the South Korean manufacturer has given us our first look at its stylish new UX 6.0+ interface, which is set to debut with the LG V30 on August 31, 2017. The UI, which is optimized for use with LG's 18:9 OLED FullVision display, sports a beautifully minimalistic design, with clean, rounded icons and simple yet attractive graphics and fonts.

In the images, we can see LG's new Floating Bar feature, shown jutting out from the right edge of the screen to reveal a number of hidden functions. This semi-transparent bar is described as an evolution of the second screen functionality that was offered with last year's LG V20.

It also comes with a new feature dubbed Graphy, which allows users to take professional-looking photos in Manual Mode by choosing from a number of different presets. You'll also be able to download images taken by professional photographers and apply the same settings they used to take them in your own photography. Users will also see an updated  Always-on Display, with added customization options now allowing users to display quick tools, a music player and personal photos alongside the time and date. 

LG has also announced that its security measures will be more advanced than they were in last year's UX, with Face Recognition allowing approved users to instantly unlock their phone while the display is off. Users can also use  Voice Recognition to unlock the V30, which works by combining the user’s voice with some self-chosen keywords.

Seems like the V30 is quite the phone, and we cant wait to hear more about it once it is officially launched.


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