HTC introduced us to BlinkFeed with HTC Sense 5.0 that was released with the HTC One last year. The idea behind BlinkFeed is to to aggregate news as well as social updates from your networks and display them in a beautifully flowing User Interface. Although BlinkFeed world well, it was initially restricted to a small number of news sources.

Like other things that age well with time, HTC continued adding more feeds to BlinkFeed and within a short amount of time, different regions allowed you to get news specific to where you lived. In the Middle East HTC added an Arabic section as well as an international section in English. Local websites such as tbreak were also added. In the next update HTC added Instagram to BlinkFeed showing more of your personalised photos to mix news and pleasure.

Setting up BlinkFeed is very simple. After you’re done with the initial process of setting up the HTC One M8 and your online accounts, you social accounts are automatically added to BlinkFeed and a tap allows you to start adding your sources for information. HTC has also cleaned up and organised BlinkFeed to make it easy for you to find topics that interest you. Categories such as Gaming, Sports and Lifestyle have a Highlights section that brings a curated list of stories in these categories to BlinkFeed. Alternatively, you can select independent sources such as websites directly present in these categories to get all stories from your favourite places on the web.

With the latest Sense 6.0 update, HTC is taking BlinkFeed to a new level. Besides adding support for Fitbit (fitness devices) and FourSquare into BlinkFeed, HTC has made BlinkFeed SDK available to developers which means that any developer can take advantage of BlinkFeed and integrate their app into it. Expect to see such integrations shortly as newer versions of apps are released, or better yet, just send a note to your favourite app developer asking them for BlinkFeed integration.

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