A photo leaked to PC Mag  could confirm that a HTC One M8 based Windows phone isn’t too far away.

The leaked image shows the windows 8 mobile tile home screen on the HTC phone while using a Verizon carrier. With both Microsoft and HTC offering no comment on the image, it doesn’t come as a surprise that HTC is investing in Windows Phone again. With HTC’s press event scheduled later this month, on the 19th of August, all indications are that Taiwanese manufacturer have taken advantage of the fact that Microsoft has offered to drop the licensing fee to load Windows Phone on phones.

With the HTC one M8 being one of the best android phones this year, a windows phone version of the same device could certainly spark interest for users who would want something other than the Nokia Lumia line. The purported image shows that the windows version is almost identical to its android counterpart barring the placement of the speaker.

Some might consider that Microsoft is encouraging competition on this scale . Allowing more devices to produce windows phones to compete with their own Lumia devices could certainly help the troubled software giant boost its numbers.




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