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HTC U11 doing better that previous HTC phones

But by what figures?

Htc U11 Doing Better That Previous Htc Phones

The new HTC U11 is a great phone in terms of specs and features, all of which are really working out well for HTC. However, exactly what figures are HTC quoting?

The HTC U11 was released at the end of May for Asian markets and start of June for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the President of HTC’s smartphone and connected device division Chang Chia-lin has confirmed in a shareholder report the phone is selling well. He said the "HTC U11 has been selling better than its predecessors, the HTC 10 and HTC One M9."

This is not a huge surprise to be honest, as both  the HTC 10 and One M9 suffered from poor sales upon release. However, it is not clear how HTC has found these figures. It may be figures pulled from pre-orders of the phone, as it is too early to get actual sales figures.

Instead Chia-lin may be speaking about sales to retailers, which isn't an exact reflection of sales to consumers. This is the amount of handsets retailers around the world will buy in with an aim to sell onto customers. 

HTC is yet to get back with a statement.


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