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HTC U11 to get Alexa and Google Assistant

Amazon or Google?

Htc U11 To Get Alexa And Google Assistant

HTC just announced that Amazon's Alexa would be making it to it's new flagship, the HTC U11, giving users the choice between Alexa and Google Assistant.

HTC confirmed earlier that the Alexa update would be coming to the phone soon. Now it is coming in three days, according to HTC's official tweet. This will give users the choice between Alexa and Google Assistant. Although both are somewhat the same, Amazon's assistant can do somethings Google Assistant cant, and vice versa.

Alexa on the HTC U11 will be able to use the Drop In feature, letting you have a two-way chat with anyone near the Amazon Echo device that you have in your home. Users can also take advantage of the various contextual commands and queries with their voice. You can also add more features through the Skill Store.

However, the big question is if HTC and Amazon have worked on bringing new HTC U11 exclusive Alexa features on board. We will have to wait and see if we get an answer for that soon.


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