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HTC Vive releasing standalone DayDream headset

Could Google with its Daydream platform and HTC with its Vive platform create the best VR headset?

Htc Vive Standalone

Even with everyone talking about it, VR headsets are still not very popular. That’s largely due to the fact that to get a good VR experience, you need a decent PC attached to it. On the mobile side of things, Samsung and Google have their respective sets but also need a phone attached. That is about to change.

Google is announcing an expansion to its DayDream platform to support standalone devices and HTC Vive, which we consider as the best VR headset is all set to release one of the first headsets built on this technology. 

While we don’t have many specific details, we can assume that the headset will be powered by Android and running a high performance chipset such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The headset is expected later in the year so there is a possibility that an even newer, or a more graphically powerful version of the Snapdragon could power the device. According to the Vive team:

We have been working closely with developers and consumers to define the best VR experiences over the past few years, and are perfectly positioned to deliver the most premium standalone headset and user experience.  

We’re super excited about this and looking forward to finding out more. If you’re a developer looking to get involved with Vive’s standalone headset or want the latest invites and updates on developer events, please register at developer.viveport.com.

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