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Huawei Mate 10 Pro to be Huawei's only phone without bezels this year

Mate 10 gets a normal screen though

Huawei Mate 10 Pro To Be The Only Phone Without Bezels This Year

Smartphone manufacturers are all about bezel less displays these days, making their phones look futuristic with the edge to edge displays. Now, it looks like Huawei is joining in on the fun.

We already saw the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 launch with a bezel free design, and the iPhone 8 is set to be the same. However, reports suggest that the Pro variant of the Huawei Mate 10 will also include a bezel free display. One source suggests that Huawei is making the Mate 10 Pro with a 2:1 aspect ratio as well. On the other hand, Chinese website Zol claims that it might continue with the 16:9 ratio seen on the Mate 9.

Earlier rumors suggested that there would be both a Mate 10 and Mate 10 Lite, with a 6.1-inch and 5.8-inch screen respectively, so if this rumor is correct we may see those same size screens but with slightly different names. If a bezel free display is true, we might see the Pro with a 6.1 inch display, however, we dont know what screen tech the company will use.

The source also claims the normal Mate 10 will have a fingerprint scanner on the front of the device, like the Huawei P10, but the Mate 10 Pro will keep it on the back of the phone. Since it is a Pro variant, we might see some extra features as well. 

We expect to find out all about the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro at an event on October 16 in Munich, Germany.


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