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Huawei working on Siri and Alexa competitor

But will there be an international release though?

Huawei Working On Siri And Alexa Competitor

While Huawei is not on the same levels as Apple, Samsung or Amazon yet, the Chinese phonemaker might be working on a new product to bring it up the ranks.

Similar to it bigger name competitors, Huawei is rumored to be working on  its own voice-activated digital assistant to take on the likes of Siri and Amazon Alexa, according to sources at Bloomberg. With the company slowly gaining popularity out of China, there are rumors that Huawei's voice assistant might end up being an exclusive for its phones used in China, s the company focuses on using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant  on its international devices.

This isnt the first time Huawei has played with hone-integrated assistants, however, as the company's first full-on introduction to the US - the Huawei Mate 9 - is releasing a second version later this year that comes packed-in with Amazon Alexa support. Digital assistants are becoming all the rave now, with competitors such  as  Adobe, Samsung, and potentially even Nokia all planning a hat of their own to throw in the digital assistant ring. 

Let us hope that we see this Voice Assistant makes it out of the Chinese market and stray into the International markets. However, it does pose the question, will it be able to stand on par with Alexa and Siri? 


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