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Instagram for Android getting offline mode

No connection? No problem.


Instagram has been busy bringing updates for the past week, with this new one marking the fourth news about updates popping up, and this hints at a potential offline mode.

The news comes from Facebook’s F8 conference in San Jose, California, where Instagram announced that it is launching an offline mode for the app to help improve the experience for those with limited internet access. Offline users will be able to  “Like” posts, leave comments, save media and unfollow people, reports TechCrunch, all of which will be processed once the user reconnects to the internet. Additionally, they will also be able to view content previously loaded in their Instagram feed, profiles they’ve previously visited, older versions of their own profile and the Explore tab.

Instagram has confirmed that they have  already started testing offline experiences and much of the functionality is now in place in the Android app, but we can expect more to follow in the coming months. 

Offline mode is targeted mainly at developing regions, or areas which dont have a stable connection, but it will also be of great use to those who travel to other countries on holidays, and people who live in areas with low reception, making it a worthwhile overall addition to the app.


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