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Instagram is testing live video streaming

Time to Go Insta

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With Facebook Live becoming a huge success, its no surprise to hear that the company will be bringing the feature to its other social networks, namely Instagram.

According to recent reports, a live video streaming component is currently being tested in Instagram, an idea first seen on Snapchat, which was later copied by Facebook. Apparently, the live streaming option appears as part of the Stories feature for those who have enabled it. Live streaming can be launched by pressing a big red button labelled "Go Insta."

At this rate it will be hard to tell different social media networks apart, as almost all the different platforms are copying each other at this point. However, there is a high chance that if the early beta testers dont like it, the company might drop the whole plan altogether. 

Instagram is yet to make an official comment, but according to reports from Verge, live streaming is indeed on Instagram's road map. There are also chances this might get integrated with VR, which is another add on feature you can see soon in Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Just give it some time.


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