Listen up PC enthusiasts, and gamers. Intel has announced its next generation 750 series solid state drives that can do the insane read and write speeds. We are talking about a drive that can deliver over 2200 MB/s of read, and 1200MB/s of write speeds.



What’s more interesting is that Intel will release the new drive in an NVMe based design. NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express is usually the type of interface used in enterprise servers that brings in low latency I/O performance. Intel’s new NVMe SSDs are now the fastest in the market of its kind, and are available for consumers. In case, if you’re not interested in the new interface, Intel will also release it in the traditional 2.5-inch format.

However, the prices are quite hefty for the new drives. The 400GB version will cost about $470 (1726.38 AED), and the 1.2TB version for an insane $1200 (4407 AED). Intel mentions that the new drives will be fully compatible with Z99 and X99 based platforms, and bootable with UEFI stack.


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