SiP modular architecture might be running in iPhone 6s duo

SiP modular architecture is far different compared to Printed Circuit Boards and it stands for System in Package. Thanks to previous reports, it was confirmed that Apple’s first ever wearable, Apple Watch was incorporated with a SiP, which features a processor, RAM, storage, and sensors packed together in a small circuit board. Using a SiP, Apple was able to make its Apple Watch extremely compact, and it plans to replicate the same process on its upcoming iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s could feature a System in Package modular architecture

ChinaTimes reports that after witnessing the success that Apple Watch brought to the table, the tech giant might have decided to incorporate the same component in its iPhone 6s duo, in order to make it far thinner compared to previous mobile devices. However, the company is also planning on adding Force Touch technology which will require some additional thickness.

The website also reports that during 2015, Apple will proceed to using a PCB combined with several SiPs. However, in the long run, the company plans to remove traditional circuit boards from the equation. Apple has a tendency of releasing thin form factor products, with iPad Air 2 and its iPhone 6 being the perfect specimens of that practice.

Mass production of SiPs is expected to be carried out by the end of September or early October. While there are several advantages of using SiPs, there are drawbacks too. For starters, if one component ends up displaying faults, the entire SiP will have to be replaced with a new one. If an intense quality control approach is not observed, Apple might not be able to produce as many units as it had originally projected to produce.

Still, we are waiting anxiously for the release of the new iPhone 6s phones so we can see for ourselves what goodies are packed inside it.


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