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iPhone 8 beats both the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in benchmarks

The iPhone 8 can be crowned the fastest smartphone right now as early benchmarks reveal it beats the iPhone X comfortably

I Phone X Vs I Phone 8 Plus Vs I Phone 8

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X feature Apple’s latest A11 Bionic chipset that is made using the 10nm FinFET architecture and features a 6-core processor. This 6-core processor feature two cores that will deliver unprecedented performance while the remaining four cores will handle the less intensive tasks.

In short, it should be assumed that there is no lack of firepower exhibited from all three phones, meaning they would be able to deliver the same level of performance right? Not quite, as some leaked benchmarks from Geekbench reveal that though all three phones get the same hardware, the smallest member of the pack is the leading powerhouse from Apple.

Geekbench shows that despite the three phone possessing the same hardware, the smaller version will take the speed crown. In reality, there is no actual insights to these higher scores other than the smaller iPhone featuring a less dense resolution than the remaining mobile counterparts.

It is true that Apple sacrifices a lot of things in the smaller screen iPhone, but performance is not going to be one of them as all three devices are running the same A11 Bionic. The smaller resolution might not deliver a stellar viewing experience but what it will give in return is better performance. The benchmarks being run via Geekbench are less taxing on the chip thanks to the lowered resolution, resulting in better performance than the remaining two phones.

If you wish to check out the scores of each phone, those details have been given below:

  • iPhone 8: Single core 4195 points and multi-core 10005 points
  • Plus model: Single core 4128 points and multi-core 9829 points
  • iPhone X: Single core 4028 points and multi-core 9287 points

If you care more about performance than anything else, it is highly recommended that you pre-order the gadget, though it should be pointed out that there will be other trade-offs you will need to worry about. Since the phone features a smaller screen, it will undoubtedly have a smaller battery capacity than the two devices.

The larger phone has a higher resolution and sports a bigger battery, but you will be forced to pay a $100 premium as opposed to the smaller phone. The smaller handset does not feature a dual-camera either, so if you want to take advantage of better camera upgrades and features, then you should pre-order the iPhone 8 Plus or simply wait for the iPhone X as both of them have two cameras lenses at the rear side.

Unfortunately, the fastest iPhone does not support Face ID so you will have to rely on Touch ID for now.


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