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iPhone 8 might get a resizable home screen button

Custom on screen button for the iPhone 8?

I Phone 8 Might Get A Resizable Home Screen Button

The stories behind the iPhone 8's home button have been floating around for a really long time now, and everyday we hear something new. However, today's news is something different.

According to Steve Troughton-Smith, a developer who went through the Apple HomePod firmware code, the new home button may be completely resizable to your liking. This points further that Apple will drop the physical button and opt for an on screen option as seen on new Android phones. From what we hear, Apple might also make the vibrations of the haptic feedback customizable too.

However, we still dont know for sure if the iPhone 8 would have any sort of TouchID fingerprint sensor embedded into it. Rumors also show that Apple has run out of time for embedding the sensor into the glass, so the company might have an alternative. These could possibly be a new 3D face scanning technology.

We will know more about this when the iPhone 8 is launched next month, but we can expect a few more rumors till the date.


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