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iPhone SE 2 to launch early next year

We might even see an upgraded processor

I Phone Se 2 To Launch Early Next Year

The iPhone SE was a surprise for Apple fans who wanted an Apple device with all the power but without the heavy price tag. We might be due for one more surprise next year.

It looks like Apple might be planning on launching an upgraded iPhone SE 2 by the first quarter of 2018, says a report from Focus Taiwan, citing local sources speaking to CNA. According to the reports, the  iPhone SE 2 will be manufactured in India by a company called Wistron. Wistron is eportedly in the process of growing its production base in the country in preparation for the next-gen iPhone SE. This could also mean that the iPhone SE 2 could be released in India first.

In terms of specs, another report by Tekz24 suggests that the handset will be running on iOS 11 and have a quad-core A10 processor. This will be a jump from the current A9 chip seen on the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, and will put it on par with current gen iPhone 7. In terms of storage, we might see either  32GB and 128GB options. Other features might include a 12MP rear camera and 5MP camera on the front. 

Tekz24 is an untested source of information, so its best to be a little skeptical about these specs. We wont be surprised to see a budget iPhone release on the other hand, especially since the iPhone 8 might be quite heavy on the price tag.


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