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Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset

If you though Bluetooth headsets were a thing of the past, think again.

Editor's Choice

The Good

  • Elegant Design
  • Good Battery Life

The Bad

  • Initial connectivity issues
  • Assist App not really required
9.0 Design
9.5 Features
9.0 Performance
8.5 Value

The first question on my mind when I got the Jabra Eclipse for review was, “Wait, who uses Bluetooth headset anymore?”, to which I got the immediate answer from my car, when its Bluetooth stopped working. For a person who talks a lot on the phone, the Jabra Eclipse came to me as a blessing. A really good looking, well packaged, feature filled blessing that is.

Packaging and Design

A well packaged product always scores well in my book, and Jabra always aces at that. The Jabra Eclipse comes packaged in a simple box, colored yellow and grey (Jabra’s theme). The box has a magnetic flap which opens up to reveal the Bluetooth device on its dock, placed above a yellow box which houses all the manuals, warranty cards and different ear sizes. Once you remove the cover, the Eclipse and the dock come out quite easily.

The Eclipse and its dock comes in a very simple, but elegant design. It is surprisingly small, so small that you don’t realize that the device is actually in your ear. The Eclipse is slim, light and fashionably designed. It is quite reminiscent of the devices James Bond used to use, which is even more reason for me to love this little device. It has a little Jabra branding on the side, which is also followed by the mic.

Moving on to the dock itself, this fancy little case / charger dock looks a lot like a little black egg (forgive me for my lack of creativity). It has two little magnets in it which keep the headphone in place once it's docked. At the bottom there is also a tiny little touch sensitive button that initiates the connection process to your device, which if it wasn’t for the sticker there, I would not have known. Along the bottom there is also a small microUSB port which is used to charge the dock. Both the Eclipse and the dock have a matte black finish to it, and actually looks quite classy. The only drawback of this is that it catches dust quite fast.


The Eclipse comes with a bunch of features that make it more than just a fancy looking device. The sound quality on the device is amazing and crisp. I also did not face any complaints from anyone while I used it during phone calls.

The feature that appealed to me the most was its complete lack of buttons, which have been elegantly replaced by a touch sensitive system. A gentle double tap will answer calls, end calls, or access Siri / Google Now when not on a call. A single tap will also tell you what is the battery status on the headset. If gentle taps are not your thing, or if you are driving and don’t want to take your hands of the wheel, then you can also just say “Answer” or “Ignore” for the respective feature. Google Now works pretty well with the device as I did not face any issues while searching.

In terms of connectivity, you can either connect it via Bluetooth 4.1 or just slide your NFC enabled device along the bottom of the charging dock. The Eclipse headset also has an impressive auto connect and disconnect feature, so once your device is paired, it will disconnect once out of range and connect back once it detects your device. Setting up the device initially was quite tricky, as it connected only after repeated attempts and a quick restart. At first I thought it was the problem with my phone, but I faced the same issue while connecting to different devices.

The Eclipse also comes with its own App - the Jabra Assist App - which is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The App allows you to customize functions such as call audio, language or even read out text messages. But let me be honest here, I did not need the app in any way to really use this device. It also required me to download one additional app which served as the user manual.

Battery Life

The device has surprisingly long battery life. The Eclipse was marketed to have 10 hours of talk time, 3 hours on the set and 7 additional hours from the dock. It also has surprisingly long battery life when used for music playback. If 10 hours was not enough, you can also get it fully charged by placing it on the dock for just 2 hours.

You can also use the USB cable and hook up the dock for charging as well, which takes a total of three hours to fully charge the dock and the headset as well, so if you don’t want to use it during your office time, just plug it in for a while. The dock is small enough that you can easily carry it around for a quick charge. I used the Eclipse for a whole day, and on days where I did not use it much, I was able to squeeze out even longer usage time.


The Jabra Eclipse is my personal recommendation if you want an amazing Bluetooth headset. Not only does it look like something out of a James Bond movie, it also packs amazing features and sound quality as well as an impressive battery life. The only things that need a little work are the app and the occasional connectivity issues. However, the connectivity issue is only for the initial connection, which can be overlooked once you connect it. Also, for AED 549, what more can you ask for?

Tony Luke

Tony Luke

A child stuck in a man's body, Tony loves all the techy toys, especially the ones with flashy lights. Often found in a corner playing make belief games with action figures.

Jabra Eclipse™ gives you the freedom to feel like you can be in two places at once. With a sleek elegant design and a sound so real it’s like you were there yourself, you’ll never have to miss a conversation again. It’s time to experience real sound by design.

Name Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset
Price Range 549 AED
Audio Type Earphones
Wireless YES
Connectivity Bluetooth

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