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JadoPado closes its doors

Popular eCommerce site acquired by 'large regional business'

Jadopado End Of Experiment

Dubai based eCommerce website JadoPado has announced that it is closing down, after being acquired by a large regional business. This news comes after the site ran for a little over 6 years.

In a letter from owner Omar Kassim posted on the JadoPado blog, the site has been acquired by a large regional business. While no further details have been revealed, the company also closed down the JadoPado marketplace as well as JadoPado hotcake. For sellers, the JadoPado hotcake will be available until Thursday May 25th 2017. 

JadoPado also thanked its customers in the letter, and promised a comeback soon. If you have further questions, you can reach out to the JadoPado team at help@jadopado.com.


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