Hey, robots will eventually prevail and come to dominate over the human race. But before that happens, let’s make some use of them.

Next in line of some impressive robotics is Jibo, which the company claims will be your family robot. The Wall-E’s Eve look-alike features two hi-res cameras, an internal microphone, and Siri-like capabilities to learn, search, manage and communicate. It’s pretty cute actually.

Jibo is able to identify individuals and offer personalized calenders and reminders, work as a photographer in birthday parties, and even allow video calling using its built-in screen, through which it can also emote like laugh, smile, or even, weirdly, show love.


The best part about Jibo, other than it’s $499 pricing, is that it’s an open-platform. Which means developers can freely experiment with Jibo and allow it to do whatever they want. Jibo supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and has iOS and Android companion apps for controlling purposes.

Jibo is expected to ship around December 2015 – that’s right, end of next year.


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