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Laptop ban lifted on US flights for three airlines

Emirates, Etihad and Turkish Airlines passengers can now carry laptops

Laptop Ban Lifted On Us Flights For Three Airlines

Passengers traveling on Emirates, Etihad and Turkish Airlines flights heading for US, can now start carrying their laptops and larger electronic devices in the plane cabins.

This announcement marks the lift of the ban on devices larger  than a smartphone for the airlines. The ban was was implemented in March for non-stop flights to the US leaving from 10 airports in eight countries. 

Etihad airlines, which flies out from Abu Dhabi announced on Sunday that  the company will start allowing passengers to carry their devices on US bound flights. Emirates flights fly from Dubai, while Turkish Airlines fly from Istanbul, both have followed pattern.

The ban was put into effect because of US intelligence indicating terrorist groups creating explosives with parts hidden inside large electronic device batteries. Banned devices included laptops, tablets, e-readers, portable game players and DVD players.

It is unclear now if the ban will be lifted from other airports and flights anytime soon. The ban on UK flights from six months ago still remains in effect. However, Turkish Airlines mentioned that the UK ban might be lifted soon as well.


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