The team behind the anonymous app “Secret” for Android and IOS has come up with a new service called “Leak” that lets you send emails to anyone without the need of your email address to protect your identity. There is also no form of registration for the service.

Laurent Desserrey, the creator of Leak said that he was hoping to develop a “really positive and exciting tool” which took him a week to turn the idea to reality. He even remarked that while the product can be used for negative purposes, it is  actually meant for users to reveal truth that they are ashamed to admit without letting out their identities. The “Do’s and Don’ts” terms outline how you should be respectful towards others and avoiding exposing people’s private information.

The team constructed the service with the use of Mandrill (MailChimp) API rather than using a server of their own and due to the immense success of Leak over the week, Mandrill has shut down their service, but their website mentions they will be back online shortly.


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