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Logitech's wireless gaming mice to have wireless charging

The new G703 and G903 are now truly wireless, thanks to Powerplay charging mouse mat

Logitechs Wireless Gaming Mice To Have Wireless Charging

Logitech announced two new gaming mice, the Logitech G703 and G903 along with the company's first ever wireless charging mouse mat, the PowerPlay at E3 2017.

In terms of specs and capabilities, both mice are pretty much the same. However, the white G703 lacks the configurable buttons of the matte black G903. Both mice come with a 1 millisecond report time over Logitech’s proprietary 2.4GHz Lightspeed wireless protocol powered by a 32-bit ARM processor. Both mice also feature the PMW3366 sensor, a widely-lauded optical mouse sensor in the eSports world with a max DPI (dots per inch) coverage of 12,000. Both mice can be charged via and used through an included USB cable and come with an ice blue LED lighting.

The best feature however, is that , both mice feature magnetized weights that can be replaced with a Logitech Powercore to be used with Logitech’s newly-minted, $99  (about £77, AU$131) Powerplay mouse mat with conductive charging technology inside.

This mouse mat is around 2mm thick and features a reversible mouse pad that is designed to be a conductive surface for devices built to capture and transfer such energy through what’s known as “electromagnetic resonance.” The mat uses Logitech’s Powercore module, to magnetically snapping into the bottom of either the G703 or G903 to receive the energy emitted via the electromagnetic field generated by the mouse mat.

It is quite pricey, with the G703 for $99 and G903 for $149, but nevertheless, it is quite impressive. Would you pay so much for a wireless gaming mouse? Let us know in the comments below.


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