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Looks like Vine might get a second chance

Vine is up for bids

Looks Like Vine Might Get A Second Chance

Vine just might get another chance, as Twitter has set the app up for auction.

Parent company Twitter announced last week that it has put the video service up for auction, so as to save the app from an early retirement. Multiple bids for the app have already come up, but as of now, none of them have been revealed. Rumors suggest that one of the bidders might even be Line, the Japanese messaging service and WhatsApp competitor.

Sources add that the bids still appear to be under $10 million, which should be enough for Twitter to make a good sale. However it is uncertain if Twitter will take back its decision to end Vine in light of recent interest, or if selling it off will compromise the site's collection of videos.

Meanwhile, Giphy is offering Viners a way to save their Vine videos in case it does not make the buyout, however these will be saved as silent gifs.

Twitter is yet to comment on these reports and we will update the story as soon as we hear something.


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