MAKE Ignition is the signature start-up event from popular venue MAKE Business Hub. The event aims to promote new start-ups by pitching their ideas in front of an audience and panel of judges, in order to receive critical feedback and advice, and maybe even some investment opportunities. Last night four brave start-ups took to the stage to pitch their ideas and see if they had what it takes to make their dream happen. The panel of judges this time around included Eamon Sallam, Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Elevision Media, Firas Eid, CEO at ANALYTICS, and Moustafa Mahmoud, founder of and Strawberry Labs.

Qrated – this start-up aimed to develop an app that would provide audio guides for key locations around Dubai. The advantage of this was that you could just download the app to your smartphone and plug in your own headphones, and listen at your own pace. The app would be free to download with an initial basic free guide, with in-app purchases allowing the user to acquire more detailed guides around the city. Content would be provided by an in-house team of writers, and the app would later expand to include other cities as well as more languages.

Mawwell – a very community-focused idea, Mawwell is a crowd-sourcing platform that connects people with ideas with a community that wants to support them. There is no prerequisite for putting up a project on Mawwell, and if a project doesn’t reach its target funding, the backers get to keep their money. The company is currently registered in the UK, with plans to obtain a local license in the coming months.

Carpoolarabia – with the deluge of cars and traffic on the roads of Dubai, Carpoolarabia hopes to lessen this by developing an app that allows drivers to connect with other people who are looking for rides to different parts of the city. Members can vote on drivers and passengers to up their reliability, and there is also a corporate model on offer. While car pooling has been promoted actively by the Roads & Transport Authority, it remains to be seen if charging passengers for rides will be allowed or not. – this start-up aims to connect people together to find partners for their favorite sporting activities. Whether it’s tennis, basketball, or just a gym buddy, wants to make it easier to connect with other like-minded and active individuals.

After all the presentations were over and the judges discussed the overall outcome of the pitches, the winner was declared as, who won a custom animation video from All-Star Media.


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