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Meet Halla Walla, the first Arab emoji app

Say hello to the first Arab emoji app!

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Halla Walla, a new keyboard app, complete with emoji and sticker app that that captures the conversation of the Arab and Khaleeji lifestyle. 

Halla Walla, derived from the saying which roughly translates to ‘what’s up’, aims to bring out glimpses of the Arab culture, and translate them into the modern social media age through characters, nostalgic themes and even GIFs. HALLA WALLA’s stickers and emojis allow users to express themselves in Arabic or English, spice up photos and chat with stickers on iMessage, as well as send GIFs to friends and family, both on Android and IOS handsets.

“We wanted to create something that we know well and give the Khaleeji culture a boost through our creativity. When it came to representing the modern Middle Eastern voice, we felt there was a real gap in social messaging platforms. From our loud families, endless cousin gatherings and shared meals, to signature phrases, fashion statements, football, shisha and late night shawarma runs – our lives are brimming with inside jokes and over the top emotions that needed a platform to be expressed.” explains Yasmine Rasool, Co- founder, HALLA WALLA.

The app comes with several emojis, Gifs and stickers expressing every emotion, from angry, to happy to heavily in love. The app also introduces the 

our Khaleeji family- Ahmed, Shaikha, Lulu and Waleed, who can be found in various stickers and emojis.

Further highlighting why HALLA WALLA was created, Eriko Varkey, Co-Founder, HALLA WALLA, adds, “Arabs have such a rich culture, but no emoticon to express online. In any situation – we use hand gestures, which are laden with emotion. So, to express that stress to hurry up when you are waiting hours for your friend to meet you at the coffee shop - what better way than by screaming YALLA! Hence the reason why HALLA WALLA was born.” 

The Halla Walla app is available for download on Google Play Store and iOS Apple Store.

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