Microsoft officially announced on its OneDrive blog that its increasing the amount of free storage for its users and offer more reasonable upgrade prices. OneDrive users will now have 15GB storage space for free as Microsoft believes this increase of space will make it much easier for most people to have their documents, photos and videos all in one place. Previously, 7GB of free storage was available.

Additionally, all Office 365 subscriptions will now have 1TB of OneDrive storage at lower prices. For Office 365 Home subscriptions that costs $9.99/month (approx. 37 AED/month), you get 1TB per person for up to 5 people. For Office 365 Personal subscriptions costing $6.99/month (approx. 26 AED/month) and Office 365 University subscriptions costing $79.99/4 years (approx. 294 AED/4 years), you get 1TB per subscription.

Microsoft now also provides more flexible options for those who require more storage space but don’t want an Office 365 subscription at reduced rates. The new monthly rates will be as low as $1.99 (approx. 8 AED) for 100GB and $3.99 (approx. 15 AED) for 200GB. Microsoft says all current subscribers will also receive the new OneDrive upgrades.


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