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Microsoft might be working on an Echo competitor

Microsoft might have the Home Hub up its sleeve

Microsoft Might Be Working On An Echo Competitor

Amazon's Echo and Google Home might have set the trend for smart home speakers, and now it looks like Microsoft is gearing up for a challenge as well.

Dubbed the Microsoft Home Hub,  the Amazon Echo styled product does not exactly work like the Echo. Rather than being an all knowing speaker, the Microsoft Home Hub comes with being built into Windows 10 and will help the user control their smart home. As expected Cortana will be playing a role in the whole plan, with access on the lock screen as well.

The Home Hub is expected to make life easier for families, by pulling together shared appointments and documents, so everyone knows who will be where. The Home Hub will also have a screen on whichever Windows 10 device is set up, which will have a different interface showing family info.

Meanwhile, other sources say Microsoft may not make this a dedicated device, but its best to wait for Windows to provide an update. On the other hand, Microsoft might want to keep an eye out for Apple's device rumored to come soon.


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