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Microsoft sorts out 4K HDR games on Xbox One X

Easier access to 4K HDR games

Microsoft Sorts Out 4 K Hdr Games On Xbox One X

Microsoft just released a new update to a few Xbox Insiders which allows people to filter their games libraries by a number of different options, including 4K compatibility, HDR games and Xbox One X enhanced games.

While Sony has mandated that all games should now support the PS4 Pro, Microsoft is a little more relaxed, and is letting the developers choose what to support on the Xbox One X. 

This means that there will eventually be a time where games with varied levels of support will be on the same platform. Such as, some not having additional support, some supporting HDR and not 4K, some in native 4K, or even some enhanced for Xbox One X.

This is where the filtering comes in, as new options should make it easier for Xbox owners to understand the varying levels of compatibility of their game libraries.

The new update is currently available for Xbox Insiders on the Alpha tier, but it's expected that the functionality will roll out more broadly soon.  


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