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Microsoft has a very helpful tool to help you switch from your Mac to a Surface

If you are tired of using macOS and want to switch to a Surface device, Microsoft has the perfect tool to help you out with that

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Apple’s macOS is a brilliant operating system to help users tackle several tasks. With the latest 2016 MacBook Pro, there is also a Touch Bar included where you can bring up several options to help out with those tasks. Unfortunately, macOS is not made for everybody and for those who regret it and want to switch back to a Surface product, then Microsoft has the perfect tool and it is called the Surface Migration Tool.

The Surface Migration Tool carries a space of just 4.2MB but we must warn you not to sell off or throw out your Mac machine just yet because you will need the existing MacBook or iMac to transfer your important files and other data to the newly purchased Surface machine. The file extension of the Surface Migration Tool is .dmg so it will not be compatible with Windows 10. Even if you use a flash drive to copy the tool and attempt to copy the data to your Mac, it will not work because the flash drive has been formatted to only be detected by Windows configured systems.

The installation process is extremely straightforward and will only take a minute or two to help configure the necessary files and other data to be transferred to your Surface machine. After you have successfully completed the procedure, you will be able to access the new files on your Surface product.

Though there are lots of cloud storage services available that help out with this process, this is possibly the simplest method you will come across. The Surface Migration Tool is incompatible with other Windows 10-running machines so only use the tool if you are going to be using a Surface product down the road. 

What this means is that the Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Studio will be able to collect all of those files. You can download the Surface Migration Tool by clicking on the source link given below.


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