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Microsoft Surface Pro sleeping problem fixed

Fix arrives for Surface Pro users

Microsoft Surface Pro Sleeping Problem Fixed

Microsoft recently announced on the forum posts and its support site that the fix for the Microsoft Surface Pro sleep issue is now available.

The news was delivered by BryanH, the forum moderator, who promised disgruntled users a fix was coming soon. 

Those of you who dont know that the issue was, a number of Surface Pro owners reported that their device would randomly enter a sleep mode, which would result them in loosing work as well. Microsoft released the patch, but still dont know what the exact issue is.

The fix was made available through Windows Update via Windows 10's settings menu on July 13th, and BryanH announced it on the 14th. In the patch notes,  the firmware update description simply reads “233.1763.257.0 revises system power reporting.”

This might not be the first issue for the Microsoft Surface line, but it is for sure, the one that was resolved the fastest.


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