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Microsoft to fix Surface Pro sleeping problem

Microsoft is working on a cure

Microsoft To Fix Surface Pro Sleeping Problem

If you are one of the new Surface Pro owners and have noticed that your laptop decides to take quick naps every now and then, dont worry as Microsoft is here to help.

The cure to Microsoft Surface Pro's sleeping problem is infact going to take some time, as the fix was not included in Microsoft's Patch Tuesday updates for last week. This means that whatever the fix Microsoft has in store, might need more testing before it rolls out.

“Just wanted to provide additional information that this fix was not included in the 7/11 Windows update, as testing still continues,” Microsoft forum moderator known as ‘BryanH’ wrote recently in a lengthy thread. “I will update this posting when the update is available, also the Surface Pro Update History page will also be updated with the details when it launches.”

If you have not faced this issue, then you might not have paid attention to the Reddit and Microsoft forum threads populated with complaints. Users complained that due to this issue they lose place of work, which is bad for a flagship productivity tablet.

This isnt the first time a Surface device had the same issue, and the fix took a while to come. Let's hope, for Surface Book owners sake, that the update does not take too long to arrive.


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