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Microsoft's new keyboard comes with built-in fingerprint sensor

Goodbye Passwords

Microsofts New Keyboard Comes With Builtin Fingerprint Sensor

Microsoft has launched another new keyboard, with a mouse, as a spin on the Surface Keyboard from last year. However, this model also comes with a fingerprint sensor.

Called the Modern Keyboard, this model comes with both wired and wireless connectivity options, making it more accessible for a wider range of products. It looks very similar to the Surface Keyboard though, and comes with a  slim profile with an aluminum chassis. However, the biggest change is he addition of a fingerprint sensor for logging into Windows 10 via Windows Hello, meaning no more typing in passwords. The fingerprint sensor is ‘hidden’ as Microsoft puts it, meaning that it’s disguised as a plain key (next to the Alt key on the right-hand side).

The Keyboard will require a pair of AA batteries for wireless use, which is enough for a year of battery life. However with the introduction of the new fingerprint reader, the price of the keyboard has gone up as well. 

The Modern Keyboard costs $130 and also comes with   a partner Modern Mouse (naturally), but this is simply a rebranded Surface Mouse, with no differences at all. The mouse will set you back $50.


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