We reviewed the HTC One yesterday and, simply put, loved it. HTC has introduced quite a few new technologies with their flagship device and one of them is the Ultrapixel camera that takes great shots compared to your usual smartphone camera. This is done through a combination of technologies that HTC has put together such as a sensor that can capture 300% more light than your usual megapixel camera, an F2.0 Aperture and an Optical Image Stabiliser that helps with shaky shots.

We showed you some sample images from HTC One in our review yesterday but today we compare those shots with two of the leading phone cameras- the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5. We tested all these phones in a variety on environments such as indoors, outdoors, low-light and at macro levels. The following pictures compare the three phones. For creating the following comparative images, all we did was resize the image and saved it at full JPG quality.


The purpose of the shot above is to show you that iPhone 5 takes pictures in a 4:3 format vs 16:9 that the Lumia 920 and HTC One phones do. This is an indoor shot taken around 4PM. The coffee maker is silver/grey in color and is best represented by the Lumia 920. Both the iPhone 5 and the HTC One show it a bit more on the golden/bronze side.


Just laid down some paint charts in the above photo and again, both the iPhone 5 and HTC One produced colors that are a bit off. This shot was taken immediately after the coffee maker so the same indoor day-time lighting applies. The Nokia Lumia 920 wins this round as it represents the actual colours best.


Sadly, the grass in my yard is not as green as either the Lumia 920 or the iPhone 5 are showing it as. This outdoor shot was taken during the bright sun and the HTC One managed to capture colors better in this setting.


A macro shot and the level of detail on the iPhone 5 is not that great. Both the Lumia and the HTC have captured this better but the higher megapixel count on the Nokia gives it an edge.


Moving to a lower-lit room during evening, the grain on the iPhone 5 photo is very visible. The Lumia 920 has lesser grain but focus isn’t so sharp. The HTC One stands between the two and as far as grain and lighting is concerned, I liked it best.


Same photo with flash on. The iPhone 5’s flash is too bright and so is the Lumia 920’s. Again, I like the HTC One best- feels more natural.

Next thing I did was zoom 100% and crop a 720×200 pixel part of the image so you get to see the actual image quality and each camera’s full resolution image.


Zooming in shows the very poor quality of the iPhone 5’s camera. The HTC One has a smaller megapixel count so you can’t get as much detail when you start cropping. The Lumia 920 comes out on top here.


Taking it outdoors, again you lose the detail that higher megapixel cameras can bring. This gives the iPhone 5 and edge over HTC One outdoors but the Lumia 920 continues to be the best.


And finally in low light and you can see that none of the mobile phones are that great.

So there you have it- the HTC One has a camera that is better than the iPhone 5 but not as good as the Nokia Lumia 920.


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