The Monster Diamond Tears Edge on-ear headphones are designed as a lifestyle product with a huge brand name behind it. In the same vein as Beats, which saw Monster’s popularity in the music industry skyrocket overnight with celebrity endorsements, the Diamond Tears were developed in collaboration with JYP, the South Korean music mogul who’s created several pop albums in addition to working with several high profile bands. And just like Dr. Dre, Park Jin-young (JYP) also knows a lot about how music sounds.

Unlike the Beats lineup, though, Diamond Tears target a very specific audience. As is evident by both the name and the design of the headphones, Monster hopes that Diamond Tears are a hit with women. Available right now in either crystal clear white, or opaque black with purple and blue tints, the Diamond Tears are designed to look like…well, diamond teardrops. At the tip of each earcup is also set in place a fake diamond as well.


Monster Diamond (1)

As for the ear cushions, the nice leather finish is comfortable, with ample maneuvering space for various sized/ shaped ears. The headband, though, is a complete mess in my opinion. With the matt black rubber at the bottom and glossy, see through, rubber on the top, it’s not only a complete dust magnet, but also pulls on long hair rather painfully! This rather impractical design on the headband, coupled with the flashy earcups design means that the Monster Diamond Tears won’t cater to everyone’s taste.

The detachable cable can be connected to wither earcup, and comes with an in-line remote control and a mic for easy handsfree calls on your iPhone. There are two more cords provided, one longer and one shorter,; with the latter coming without the in-line remote control. The cord itself is nice and thick, with a subtle dark shade in a teardrop shape.


Monster Diamond (2)

Wearing the Monster Diamond Tears I was pleased with the sound isolation effect. The sound itself was very distinct, with clear vocals and high-range feedback. The mid range wasn’t as transparent as I’d have liked from headphones costing this much. The bass was, thankfully, adequate during playback and doesn’t muddy up the mid-range audio. The Diamond Tears worked nicely in both hip-hop and pop music, but trance and instrumental tracks left me feeling wanted for the price the Diamond Tears come at.

Another issue I had with the Diamond Tears is that they clamp down a bit too hard, making my ears ache within 10 minutes of usage. Now I usually have this issue with most on-ear headphones because I wear glasses, but with the Diamond Tears it happened quicker than I expected.


Monster Diamond (3)

The Monster Diamond Tears are a nice pair of headphones, with a unique design and decent sound. The headband is a considerable design issue, but most people may not mind it at all. However, the Diamond Tears simply doesn’t add up to its price tag; the sound is simply not that good. As for the design, and the collaboration with JYP, it’s a matter of personal preference which may or may not affect your buying decision. As for the competition, there’s certainly nothing this elegantly designed on the market that’s targeted specifically towards women, so for a first round, Monster makes a considerable impression with the Diamond Tears Edge.


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