iPad Pro

If you rewind back at last week’s WWDC event, Apple unveiled its latest iOS 9 operating system with a bunch of new features such as split-screen multitasking. Now, certain details hidden within the beta reveal details about the upcoming and anticipated Apple iPad Pro.


The iOS 9 keyboard will be able to adapt and optimize its size for bigger displays- in this case the bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro that has been running on the rumor mill for months.  The source who is named as Steve Troughton-Smith, released some images of how the keyboard will look like when in a normal iPad, and when displayed on a bigger device.


As you can see, the keyboard that’s meant for the iPad Pro is on the top, and the existing one bellow. The Pro keyboard seems a little squished, but adds functional keys that’s often used with a real keyboard, such as tab, caps lock, and all the above symbols.


A Chinese developer by the name Hiraku Wang suggests that the iPad Pro could very well come with a 2732 x 2748 resolution display. While there are no internal iOS 9 coding that accurately reveals the new details, Hiraku Wang thinks that higher resolution is very possible due to Apple’s display scaling system.

We sure do want to believe all these rumors, but until all these are confirmed to be legit, treat them as a pinch of salt. The Apple iPad Pro is said to feature a 12.9-inch display, powered by the next generation Apple A9 processor and possible USB 3.0 (Type C?) connectivity.


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