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Morgan Freeman to voice Zuckerberg's JARVIS AI

First God and now JARVIS

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Recent reports suggest that Mark Zuckerberg has finally found a celebrity to voice his home AI system called Jarvis, and the celebrity is none other than Morgan Freeman.

Zuckerberg reportedly began developing his own digital AI at the start of 2016, and took to Facebook in October to ask the public who would be best choice to voice it. Popular suggestions included Arnold Schwarzenneger and Robert Downey Jr, but in a new video released by Zuckerberg, it seems Morgan Freeman won the vote.

Zuckerberg told The Fast Company that he called Freeman up after the actor presented a science awards ceremony which Zuckerberg co-founded. “I said, 'Hey, I posted this thing, and... thousands of people want you to be the voice. Will you do it?'” To which Zuckerberg says Freeman responded “yeah, sure.”

In the recent video, Zuckerberg's digital assistant does a whole lot of things around his house such as greeting him, setting breakfast and even alerting him when he has visitors. Having Freeman voice it also makes it stand out from the other robotic assistants, but its unlikely the technology will be made available to anyone else as Jarvis seems to be tied tightly to Zuckerberg's house.

Other companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple are working on creating useful digital assistants, with Amazon and Google in particular focusing on automated home technology with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.


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